Holthausen Composites` collaboration with polyester generates countless possibilities.

This has resulted in  Holthausen Composites` realisation of the following projects;

  • Specials for transport for the disabled
  • Paris – Dakar components
  • Fun transport
  • Amusement and theme park polyester components
  • High tech loud speaker components
  • Pool tables
Polyester producten

For products to perform well, polyester components can play an important role in many branches of industries. Because of the fact that polyester is strong and durable it will be the best solution in many cases. In the recreational and automotive branches, Holthausen Composites have designed a wide and great variety of products; e.g. caravans and mobile homes, folding trolleys, camping vans, slides, hot tubs and more..

In the automotive industry Holthausen Composites have dealt with the production of the conversion of a variety of vehicles, e.g. company cars and ambulances. Furthermore Holthausen Composites have converted and produced polyester bodywork components for variety of cars and interior and exterior components for coaches. No challenge is too big for Holthausen Composites. Feel free to inform Holthausen Composites on what polyester component you require; Holthausen Composites will gladly be of comprehensive and expert assistance.