About Holthausen

Holthausen Composites` strength lies in the full-package concept; products are developed from a CAD drawing to the complete product. Close relationships with design desks are maintained, making it possible to achieve the maximum out of every design.

Apart from the polyester processing, Holthausen Composites is able to provide for the complete assembly of the polyester product.

All processes, as well as the production of  the pre-series take place in the town of Zevenaar in the Netherlands.

Holthausen Composites have production facilities  at our disposal in our own branches abroad, which enables us to offer your product at attractive and competitive rates.

Deliveries are always conducted from the Netherlands, where Holthausen Composites quality control also takes place.

When you desire polyester products, specially customized to your wishes,
then you have come to the right place at Holthausen Composites.

In a personal collaboration with Holthausen Composites, customers are able to design and produce their own imagined polyester products or polyester product components.  Customers`imagined and desired products will be designed in a design sketch or 3D CAD file; this allows the customer to have a three dimensional image of the polyester product that will eventually be manufactured. At this stage modifications can, of course, still be applied.

On the basis of this 3D model and the applications the product will be used for, as well as the qualities that the product should meet, Holthausen Composites will collaborate with the customer, deciding on what material the product should be manufactured from.

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