Holthausen Composites B.V have been a phenomenon in polyester industries for over 30 years. Our origin lies in the construction of polyester boats and bodyworks. In the course of the years Holthausen Composites have developed into an all-round polyester company: active in almost all markets. Holthausen Composites process polyester and epoxy composites for practically every branch.

Where it all started

The creation of Holthausen Composites finds its origin in the production of  polyester products for Buggy and Volkwagen conversion and tuning bodywork parts. An expansion followed, producing `Optimist` sailboats with a unique, spacious and self emptying cockpit for sailing instruction purposes. Subsequently, Holthausen Composites started producing sailing boats for competitions which have been very successful, nationally and internationally.

Sailing boats for competitions have been : Optimist, Simoun485 and Flying Dutchman.

Some time later Holthausen Composites  took over the “Troost” shipyard in Leiden and initiated the building and selling of so-called `Volksboten`.

In the mid-nineties Holthausen Composites` acquired knowledge was being applied for bodywork construction; initially the conversion to grey number plate vehicles and later moved on to the production of vans and the so-called `kleinbus`.

In the future Holthausen Composites will be moving on, yet again, towards high-quality bodywork construction applications and to complete bodies for vehicles.

Waarom Holthausen Composieten

  • Knowledge and Craftmanship

  • Over 30 years of Experience

  • Competetive Prices

  • Excellent Service

  • Accurate and Quick

  • Certified Company

polyester carrosserie


 In consultation with our customers, Holthausen Composites are able to design the desired bodywork through a hand-drawn sketch or a 3D drawing.

  • Bodyworks that are manufactured from polyester are fundamentally stronger and lighter than conventionally constructed ones.
  • Holthausen Composites have gained a large quantity of experience  in the automotive industry.

In co-operation with the client Holthausen Composites can determine what requirements the bodywork should meet; what qualities it should contain and which strength reinforcing materials should be used for the final product.

With this information a model will be developed that allows the customer to decide whether it exactly meets what is desired.

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