In  the automotive industry polyester, ABS and other plastics can no longer be disregard. Holthausen Composites produce polyester products and components for

  • Ambulance conversion
  • Commercial vehicles construction
  • Touring car / Coach exterior and interior components
  • Trailer construction
  • Funeral cars conversion
  • Skirts and spoilers
  • Polyester bodywork components
polyester carrosserie

Bodyworks that are manufactured from polyester are fundamentally stronger and lighter than conventionally constructed ones. Holthausen Composites have gained a large quantity of experience in the automotive industry.

For instance, we have realised conversions for an ambulance, produced interior and exterior components for coaches, realised the conversion of trailers and company cars and we have produced separate polyester bodywork components.

Polyester is a material that is known to be very sturdy and sustainable; therefore it is ideally suited for bodywork construction. Polyester is resistant to all weather conditions, it can not rust or oxidize and it is very light in weight.