In the recreation industry polyester products are the best solution; strong and sustainable.

  • Caravans
  • Camper vans
  • Camping trailers
  • Slides
  • Outdoor sports
  • Horse trailers
  • Sailings boats and yachts
  • Hot tubs

When you desire polyester products, specially customized to your wishes, then you have come to the right place at Holthausen Composites.

In a personal collaboration with Holthausen Composites, customers are able to design and produce their own imagined polyester products or polyester product component. Customers` imagined and desired products will be designed in a design sketch or 3D CAD file; this allows the customer to get a three dimensional image of the polyester product that will eventually be manufactured.

At this stage modifications can, of course, still be applied. On the basis of this 3D model and the application the product will be used for, as well as the qualities that the product should meet, Holthausen Composites will confer and cooperate with the customer, deciding on what material the product should be manufactured from. These are often polyester products, but also epoxy and polyurethane products are possible, in combination with strength reinforcing materials e.g. optical fibre, carbon and / or aramid ( kevlar) fibres in order to ensure that the final product will be as strong as it could possibly be.

After this has been determined, Holthausen Composites will start manually creating a prototype. This will enable our customer to actually see whether the final products will meet all the requirements and expectations. When the model perfectly meets what is required, then the mold in which the product will be cast can be created. Subsequently, your product can be manufactured in the desired quantity and then put into operation or be integrated in your final product.

Holthausen Composites will also be of expert assistance in case repair or mending is needed.

In the case of a polyester repair the damaged polyester fibres will be removed and replaced by brand new polyester, in order to maximally remedy any previous weakness in the product. The repaired object will be as strong and sturdy as it ever was and in most cases the actual repair will be practically invisible. In the case of a polyester reparation the polyester will firstly be thoroughly cleaned and scoured to ensure it can be repaired as well as possible.

Subsequently the damaged section will be restored and finished with high quality polyester so that the actual reparation will not be visible.

In case of a small damage or laceration having developed in a polyester product it is strongly advised that polyester reparation is applied since a small flaw in polyester product can quickly develop

into a big rupture that could cause life-threatening situations. Therefore timely intervention in the occurnce of a minor damage or rupture in your products of vital importance. Apart from polyester products Holthausen Composites are also able to repair and mend other materials for you; epoxy and polyurethane, in combination with strength reinforcing materials e.g. glass fibre, carbon and / or aramide (kevlar) fibres. In this way any damage will be optimally repaired and the repaired object will be as strong as it ever was.

Questions on what Holthausen Composites could mean to you in the field of polyester reparation possibilities? Feel free to contact Holthausen Composites immediately.