The founding of Holthausen Composites B.V. in 1985 finds its origin in the manufacturing of polyester products for Buggy and Volkwagen conversion and tuning bodywork parts.

An expansion followed, producing `Optimist` sailing boats with a unique, spacious and self-emptying cockpit for sailing instruction purposes. Thereafter Holthausen Composites started producing sailing boats to be used in competitions which have been very successful, nationally and internationally.

Sailing boats for competitions: Optimist, Simoun485 and Flying Dutchman.

Holthausen Composites subsequently took over the company Troost`s shipyard in Leiden, the Netherlands and started building and selling so-called `Volksboten`.

In the mid-nineties Holthausen Composites` acquired knowledge was being applied for bodywork construction. Initially for the conversion to grey number plate vehicles. Holthausen Composites subsequently moved on to the production of vans  and the so-called `kleinbus` (small van) .

In the future Holthausen Composites will be moving on, yet again, towards high-quality bodywork construction applications and to complete bodies for vehicles.